20 Feb
6:00 PM Top Gun Fitness Center
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Small group training provides a team mentality with the personal attention of our trainers, ensuring you get the most out of your work out!
20 Feb
6:45 PM Top Gun Fitness Center
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At Top Gun Fitness, our All Level Flow Yoga poses are linked together, using the breath with each movement, to create a dynamic sequence that increases heart rate, flexibility and strength. Our yoga classes focus on mindful movements that improve physical and mental balance, vital energy and strength.
21 Feb
6:00 PM Top Gun Fitness Center
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Small group training provides a team mentality with the personal attention of our trainers, ensuring you get the most out of your work out!
22 Feb
6:00 PM Top Gun Fitness Center
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Small group training provides a team mentality with the personal attention of our trainers, ensuring you get the most out of your work out!



Top gun Fitness gives a holistic approach to fitness. Not only do they motivate you physically, but they generally care about your well being. They go the extra mile to ensure your needs are being met. they help you reach goals that you never thought possible. I love the group classes that are held in the gym, full of energy and you feel like your a part of something. Great atmosphere and ambiance. If you’re looking for results and to be apart of this amazing gym community, this is the place to go. Very welcoming and accepting of all.
Jordyn Perry
Top Gun Fitness is fantastic! The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated to helping you meet your personal fitness goals – whatever they may be. The group training classes are a great way to get in shape while having a good time. Thanks to Top Gun Fitness I am now in the best shape of my life and have more energy than I thought possible.
I have been coming to this gym for the past few years and it has been the greatest gym experience I’ve ever had. I have reached my target weight within weeks. It is extremely motivating and you will definitely see a change with your body and mind. I have seen some of the other members progress when going back to this gym for and it is simply amazing the work and effort the trainers and members put in. Myself, personally, wanted to lose fat and gain muscle mass. In 5 sessions I went from 165 to 175 in lean muscle while losing 5% of body fat. I highly recommend this gym over others simply because you get 1 on 1 time with instructors and the boot camps are a great way to interact with others and exercise. You also get better equipment to work around with. You will not be disappointed when going to Top Gun Fitness.
Aaron C
I’ve been training at Top Gun Fitness for over a year and a half and have only good things to say about this gym. Top Gun’s trainers are friendly, knowledgeable and have years of experience in the industry. They helped me lose 60 pounds and continue to motivate me to achieve my fitness goals. I couldn’t have done it without their help, guidance and encouragement. Whether you choose, one-on-one training, partner training or group training (I’ve done all three), Top Gun has a system that will work for you. If you’re looking for a small, clean gym, with great staff and a friendly atmosphere, look no further than Top Gun Fitness.
Deb Bader
Whenever I get the chance to go to Phoenix, Top Gun Fitness is the first place I go to. I always feel welcomed and everyone is friendly. Scott, Tom, and Devonna are all passionate, and knowledgeable about fitness. They are all very motivating as well! They help you reach your fitness goals- whatever they may be. You will see results! I may live out of town, but Scott checks up on me to see if I am keeping up with my fitness. It’s always a joy to be around the Top Gun Fitness family, so I highly recommend them!
Dallas Touchine
Absolutely love this place! From the 1.1 personal training to the small group training you will receive personal attention from Scott and Tom. I have been to other local gyms for HIIT and have stayed here for the last few years because of this. Other classes are crowded and they don’t care about proper form or injury. So if you are looking for a place that is non-intimidating and where they call you by your first name then give them a try……you won’t be disappointed.
I’ve been a customer at this gym for two months now and I am impressed. Before arriving at Top Gun I exercised at places like LA Fitness and 24 Hour. Making the transition to TGF has been like a breath of fresh air. The owners, Scott and Tom, are very knowledgeable, professional, personable, and experienced. After my initial visit I could tell these guys are very passionate about health and well-being. I never experienced that at corporate gyms. The equipment selection is great as well. Free weights, kettle balls, resistance machines and TRX all come together to provide a complete experience. I would recommend this gym to families as well as the serious athlete.


Our mission at Top Gun Fitness is to offer exceptional service to our clients through 1-on-1 Personal Training, as well as group classes. Fitness should be enjoyable and exciting! The true goal at Top Gun Fitness is to create strong relationships with our members and help them enrich their lives in every aspect. Our Before & After Success Stories will show you how passionate and dedicated we are to our clients and how passionate and dedicated our clients are to us.



• We offer professional Kettle Bell instruction with over 5 years experience of Kettle Bell coaching.
• Both TGF owners played high school and college athletics. They have over 30 years of combined sports specific Performance Training.
• Proven results in helping our clients stay motivated, focused and shed hundreds of pounds of body fat
• NASM Certified



21043 N. Cave Creek Rd., Ste. A4
(101 and Cave Creek / North Phoenix)
North Phoenix AZ, 85024
p: 602.687.7580
f: 602.687.7868

Personal Training:
Monday–Saturday by Appointment Only
Group Training:
Monday-Thursday 6pm, Saturday 9am